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Website Speed Optimization is the process of using different strategies, methodologies, tools and software to increase or enhance the performance of the website with aim to drive more growth, traffic, conversion and sales. There are different companies that are offering the Website Optimization Services, but one of the best and reputable company is MS Tech Solutions that is offering different services, including the Website Optimization.

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In simplest words, the website speed optimization is the set of different processes adopt to enhance the user experience and search performance of the website. Managing your website takes a considerable amount of effort and time. If your organization has multiple websites, then you should optimized all such websites in order to gain the customers attention and confidence.

Your website is the face of your virtual business and it should deserve the equal importance as your business do. Proper website optimization helps to get your website at higher number in Search Engine Result Pages of SERP. The higher the number of your website, more will be chances that your business will do more business than other websites.

A well-optimized website attract more visitors and conversions as compared to the non-optimized website. Website optimization is not a one night project, instead it is a long-term process and takes ample time to reflect the changes. It is a very technical and delicate process and you should only rely on good reputed IT and Software companies, like the MS Tech Solutions.

Salient Features of the Website Speed Optimization of MS Tech Solutions:

  • Proper implementation of UI/UX Optimized design
  • Optimization of Content Marketing
  • Proper optimization of images
  • Render-blocking resources
  • Minification of JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Implementation and configuration of CDN
  • Mobile device support
  • Reducing Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Browser caching
  • Removal of Bloat
  • Cleanup and optimization of Database
  • Third-party script optimization
  • Shut down pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Proper spam reducing strategy
  • Enable compression
  • Executing full page caching
  • Proper application of CSS Sprites


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Conversion Rate Optimization (USD 875), Search Engine Optimization (USD 1375), Website Speed Opitmization Services (USD 1875), Website Technical Optimization Services (USD 2375)


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