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In the modern technological era, the demand of bookkeeping has become the new norm and it becomes the basic requirement and need of every business, whether it is big or small. This is a reason that majority of different companies spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to maintain their company bookkeeping. MS Tech Solutions is one of the credible IT Service Company that offer its expertise in Advanced Bookkeeping Services that are tailored according to the requirement of any company.

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In simpler terms, a bookkeeper is a person that helps to make your business tasks easier by making or organize. It is a fact that all the businesses that prefer to keep all their financial details transparent and efficient, often tend to outsource the Bookkeeping services of credible IT Company, like the MS Tech Solutions.

MS Tech Solutions has team of highly expert professionals that are fully capable to work day and night to maintain all your financial records and ledger transparent. In this way, the large enterprises and companies can easily maintain all the financial and other record of company without employing multiple professionals for the same task. So, you can easily maintain all your company financial records without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Salient Features of Advanced Bookkeeping Services of MS Tech Solutions:

  • Collecting and producing the source documents
  • Balancing the ledger documents
  • Recording the financial transactions in Journal
  • Classifying the accounts as asset, income, expense and liability
  • Detection and prevention of frauds
  • Automate Banking
  • Paying bills
  • Inventory tracking
  • Recording receipts from Customers
  • Processing ESI, employees pay, etc
  • Recording and verifying invoices from suppliers
  • Monitoring financial reports
  • Full compliance with full Statutory and Regulatory Laws
  • Ability of focus on core operations
  • Monthly statements
  • Sales and use tax calculations
  • Financial statement preparations
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Proper management of expenses
  • Budgets

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Select Services:

Billing for Goods and Services (USD 600), Managing Invoices from Suppliers (USD 792), Maintaining Accurate Numbers (USD 984), Creating Financial Reports (USD 1344)

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