Advanced Cloud Computing Services


MS Tech Solutions, as a leading Software Solutions Company, offer its expertise in the domain of Cloud Computing.


Cloud Computing have become the new standard of modern businesses and organizations around the world. Cloud Computing is basically the delivery of different services with the help of internet to clients, including networking, servers, storage and software. Modern businesses are opting for cloud computing due to different reasons it offers to customers, including increased productivity, low cost, higher efficiency and security. MS Tech Solutions, as a leading Software Solutions Company, offer its expertise in the domain of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Services

One of the biggest advantages of the Cloud Computing is that it can easily took off all the hassle involved to carry bulky storage devices from one place to another, as the very same resources can easily be accessed from anywhere through internet.

The cloud storage used in the Cloud Computing can either be a public or private. The public cloud used to sell services to people across the internet, whereas the private cloud sells service to the limited group of people. Regardless of the cloud service, the main aim of this service is to provide easy access to the different computing services to its clients, regardless of the localities or distance.

MS Tech Solutions is one of the leading Software and IT Solutions company that deals in different services to its clients, including the Cloud Computing. The company has experienced and dedicated staff that have already spent years in the relevant field.

Salient Features of Advanced Cloud Computing Services of MS Tech Solutions:

  • Rich data analytics
  • Tailored solutions for small and mid-sized companies and enterprises
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service
  • Strong AI/ML capabilities
  • Safe and Secure private cloud with one-click
  • Containerization
  • Cloud native delivery and maintenance
  • Rich cognitive capabilities, including text analytics and speech recognition
  • Cloud security through a cloud access security broker (CASB)
  • Dedicated solutions for content delivery networks (CDN)
  • Managed SQL in cloud application
  • Support of Hybrid Cloud Management
  • 24/7/365 Tech Human Support


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Cloud Computing Configuration & Setup (USD 550), IaaS Cloud Computing Services (USD 850), PaaS Cloud Computing Services (USD 1350), SaaS Cloud Computing Services (USD 1750)


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