Firebase Configuration Services

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MS Tech Solutions offers the complete configuration of Firebase according to the needs of large companies and the individual customers.


Firebase is a development platform that specifically uses for the storage of the realtime database of mobile applications or website. The database used by the firebase is really optimized for the synchronizing the data between the smartphones, machines and cloud storage. MS Tech Solutions offers the complete configuration of Firebase according to the needs of large companies and the individual customers. 

Firebase Configuration Services

When it comes to the website development, the typical older database uses to many complex database structure that is harder to manage and optimize. If the size of the database of such older database is huge, then managing such huge database can easily take hours in one operation. Firebase has made this huge task simpler by simply organizing the realtime database to cloud storage that can easily be accessed from the globe without any issues.

MS Tech Solutions is one of the leading IT Services company that deals in different IT services to its clients ranging from large corporations to the individuals customers. The company has got the compete expertise that has spent years in the firebase configuration and can easily handle all the technicalities involved in the process.

By hiring the services of MS Tech Solutions, you can rest assured that all your firebase configuration problems would be sorted out in the least possible timeframe and with the lower possible charges.

Salient Features of Firebase Configuration Services Offered by the MS Tech Solutions:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Storage Configuration
  • Combination of remote team and on-site delivery
  • Planning and Architecture for firebase
  • Complete Migration and Setup from Google Cloud to Firebase
  • Proper Performance and Quality Assurance
  • Configuration and Optimization of firebase security
  • Pro-Active Maintenance
  • Deployment of best Security Practices
  • Complete support of Technology and development teams
  • 24/7, 365 days a year support

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Firebase Configuration and Setup (USD 360), Firebase Database Setup (USD 440), Firebase Hosting Configuration (USD 500), Firebase Authentication Services (USD 560)

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