What Is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing can be described as the form of computing in which all the resources, information and application are stored and access from the virtual resource. The word cloud in cloud computing represents the structure and nature of cloud computing.

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Cloud computing is basically the delivery of different computing services, including database, software, storage and networking, at blazingly fast speed. All such resources are hosted on the cloud storage of respective companies.

Cloud computing has gained tremendous popularity over the years due to the very reasons it offered to customers, including scalability, affordability, flexibility and capacity.

There are many benefits of acquiring the services of cloud computing that it can avoid the complexity and upfront of the maintaining the IT infrastructure. Due to the convenience and simplicity, the cloud computing has become the default options for many tech companies and more and more vendors are switching their domain to cloud computing to avail this benefit.

A basic concept behind the cloud computing is that the physical location of the service, regardless of the distance, is irrelevant to the user. As the resources needed to run and access from the cloud, so the physical distance of cloud storage doesn’t matter at all.

The basic idea of the cloud computing derived from the parallel distribution, processing and distribution of computing resources. Virtualization technology runs on the core of the cloud computing, which runs in different nodes. Each node act as different physical machine or resource to the user that allows the user to load operating system and custom software by using each specific node.

The cloud computing derived from the pool of other technologies as the infrastructure as a service (laaS), Hardware as a Service (HaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

In cloud computing, there is a lot of workloads on virtual systems. Virtualization technology allows the work to handle on the how the basic image of the operating system allocated to the physical machine. The use of virtualization makes it possible to reuse different license of operating systems and custom software applications.

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